@ladygagaI love this picture, I’m having so much fun crusading ARTPOP around the US. The energy is more diehard than ever.

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Best concert EVER!! @ladygaga gives an AMAZING show and I am so happy I finally got to see her live! I may or may not have cried when she started singing Gypsy, I’ll let you decide. #ladygaga #artravetoronto #artrave #idol #gay #boy #toronto #gypsy #littlemonster #music #bestconcertever


Last night was probably the best night of my life. I was so close to Gaga, she played TEOG, and my friend Brittany got to go on stage and meet her, without a doubt one of the best days of my life.


#artrave #toronto (at Air Canada Centre)


Gaga made a really beautiful speech last night at the artRAVE in Toronto about ARTPOP and mental health that made me cry during her piano ballad of Born This Way. I want to share this moment with everyone.



These pictures never make any sense to me. How can she look so good in person, but in a professional photoshoot for VERSACE look tired, old, and dry?

They photoshop to make her look tired, old, and dry. I don’t give a fuck what you say.

One more thing, if she really looked like that “before it was Photoshopped” why is that wig yellow when we all know it’s white?

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